The Secret of the Secrets

Well it does say that earth has still hundreds of secrets hidden from us.. And most of the results in YouTube or Google are fake at sense.. But still some of them are considerably true.. We’ve wondered many times for the ‘Area 51‘.
130816195720-erin-simon-area-51-is-real-00010325-story-topEnormous rumours about the place had been heard.. But recently US Govern have declared that its just a Secret Military Weapons & defence systems Research Centre.. Its not a host for intergalactic communication.. But the question is, “is it true?”.. as for US Government, they ne’er unveil their secrets.. And we’d seen that, when these secrets come out it often come with a bundle of Danger..(as The Fat man incident).. Could it be true that we are all unaware of whats actually happening on this galaxy? Is it possible that humans have been connected to an either planet for a long time..and its kept a secret so that we to live properly and tension free. norm-495ba9a97f856-men-in-black-19971
Movies like The Men In Black could be highly possible actually. Even we think that we’ve signed in on Nasa’s website, it’ll keep us up to date about its missions but it’d be same amount of true that some secret missions holding there without notifying us.. Actually there are thousands of people who’ve seen UFOs and Flying Soccer, all of them are not lying, they just told what they’ve seen, and its up to us to believe. If this type of news held for a longer time then it could freak out our life, so the Authorities always close these matters without going to deep.. Think of it.. Modern scientists have told that the ‘Bermuda Triangle‘ (one of the greatest mystery of earth) is just caused by strong intensity of electromagnetic field at there..bermuda-triangle-hd-wallpaper
But this theory is still unable to explain many of the phenomenons happened there.. But some why scientists of now are just ignoring this topic and don’t want to get in the deep of this topic, as its been discovered and nothing to explore more. But this is not true, this topic have always gone past a ‘Something fishy topic for years and so now..
It could be possible that there was no such hilarious thing as we imagine but at least we can tell that there is something that is Undefined.. And we’ve seen by far that scientists have always ignored the Undefined term..
Maybe that’d be a reason for scientists to forget this topic, and as this government always forbade this type of expeditions, so they don’t dare to get into the deepest and reveal it from the root..
And there could be alternate possibility; that they’ve actually discovered the mystery but its too unexpected to tell general people..
Well whatever or however is this,amazing_google_images-3
I’m just telling you to free yourself from boundaries, as the universe ends on infinite, so there could be infinite possibilities on a single topic, so don’t keep your knowledge limited upon what you’ve been taught by the authorities,.. Fly free.. Analyse the theories with your own logic and then Believe.

Mother Earth is Changing…

The Earth as you know, the most beautiful among all the planets in the known Universe. It had gone through many stages over the years, The Magma stage, The Jurassic age, The Ice Age and so on. But now the age is very different.. Every time an era comes, it comes with its own characteristics and left with them too, but at this era, The Belongings are changing and customising the characteristics of this era.. This is what Human is.. The Earth is heating up randomly by several human activities (or human’s awkwardness). Its very clearly stated that, the corollaries of these activities drive us to a Dark future, -A future where would be no possibilities of welcoming a new Era.
It silently leads us to the Death. Look at every Continent, whether its America or Asia or Africa or so on, in every country you would see Frustration. No,one is happy there.
You know why?
Cause, the world is polluted by an extra amount of human beings..

The Eco System has been badly destroyed,.
The Forests have long past,. Animals are now beggars, who beg for lives..
The climate is warming up, even the North pole turned into a lake,.
The magnetic balance of earth is displaced.
The nature goes angry, Tsunamis, Earthquake, Land-slides, Floods, Volcanic eruptions have touched an Extreme Level of Destruction..

But in the other hand The Bermuda triangle mystery hasn’t solved yet, the Aliens have not been discovered yet,.The time machines haven’t invented yet.. Finding the Higgs Boson is still a failure.. Even the Big-bang Theory is not proved 100% correct.
So, the million dollar question is,
What have we done Yet besides leading the Earth to Death-Zone???
Can anyone tell me that??