Ever Wondered about The Seven Wonders?

As per the survey held during 2000-2007, the most voted and most desirable heritage places of world given the term of fame ‘Wonder of the World’ . 200 places competed each other in the name of Popularity, but amongst them only 7 stood up. Here’s the Seven Names (Provided by UNESCO).

1. Chichen Itza
(Chi’ch’èen Ìitsha’)
Located at Yucatán, Mexico.
Established: 800 AD

2. Christ the Redeemer
(O Cristo Redentor)
Located in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
Established: 1926 AD

3. Great Wall of China
Located in Wànlǐ Chángchéng
Established: 700 BC

4Machu Picchu
(Machu Pikchu)
Located in Cuzco Region, Peru
Established: 1438 AD

5. Petra.
Located in Al-Batrā
Ma’an Governorate, Jordan
Established: 312 BC

6. Taj Mahal (Koodaghar)
(ताज महल)
ﺗﺎﺝ ﻣﺤﻞ
Located in Rohtak , Haryana, India
Established: 1632 AD

7. Colosseum
Located in Rome, Italy
Established: 70 AD

So, you see guys there are so many wonderful and beautiful things in our planet, and its up to us to look after them. Take care of yourself and your properties whether it be your national property or personal.

Save Trees *Actually*

Do you all know that, 80% of the forest that originally covered the earth are now Empty..!
How long before the remaining disappears?
All is not lost yet. Lets Fight this Deforestation.
Well you should know that, in the coming decade (ranging from 2014 to 2024) we’ll have  the last chance to save-protect our Planet Earth from total deforestation & devastation; else we’d lost Everything.
So, don’t wait for anyone to tell you, Lets save this beautiful planet at our own efforts.


Well its good to be informed you that, recently some new kind of data has been obtained from NASA, it says that Global Warming can actually act as a beneficial phenomenon. We all know that many scientists have blamed global warming for more intense recent hurricane seasons and for the more destructive storms that are predicted in years to come, but a new study says climate change could eventually help safeguard the U.S. Atlantic
Coast from hurricanes. Ain’t it a hilarious news??