Rising Internet Stupidity will be the downfall of Facebook

Facebook’s share price has plummeted over 70% this year, around 13% of it’s workforce, roughly 11,000 people were laid off. Investors are pulling away, advertisers have lost reliability, this year for the first time it’s daily user count has dropped since inception.

It seems to me that the illiterate, edgy boys have won; they have successfully ruined Facebook’s reputation and brought it to the ground. You would think this digital generation, who were born after Y2K, would be digitally literate, but it turns out most of them take technology at face value; they didn’t witness the transition in user experience, hence are largely oblivious to the intricate details of underlying complexities, and this reflects in their collective behavior as well.

Is there a way to both censor harmful speech and achieve healthy conversation with 100% accuracy across all cultures and political spectrums?

Then there are conspiracy theorists. Some clowns with tinfoil hats would say stuff like, “fAcebooK is sPying oN us bRo!!” So far, I haven’t figured out what that even means!

There are legitimate criticisms, and then there are conspiracy theories involving hyped-up media circuses, whistleblowers, and other such nonsense!

These clowns never ever talk about the Oversight board; they never talk about the extensive privacy settings. The thing is, they cannot talk about them because, as a developer, I have experienced this myself: Simplicity is better for users because they want many things, basically infinite controls. However, whenever we provide them those controls with extensive documentation and tips and manuals, they simply mess up and never understand how to use all of those features.

The same could be said of our constitution and penal code: if everyone had read them and understood their rights and limitations, we would have had a better society.

Anytime Facebook tries something innovative, these fucking dolts will have to ruin it for the rest of us. Say when Mark posted a virtual selfie in Horizon World, and the idiots swarmed in to troll how off the graphics look, like 90s graphics and what not, well, this entitled brats don’t understand that Meta is rendering that graphics in realtime for 1832×1920 resolution per eye, and that too without the use of a dedicated Desktop class computer.

Have you seen an 8K video inside of VR? Even 16K may appear blurry in VR; even a RTX 4090 may struggle to render at the highest settings in VR. But the stupid fucks and common trolls, of course, don’t pay any heed to such complexities.

I don’t know man, people have had it tough for sure in the last couple of years, but they have grown all their resentments towards tech giants and tech billionaires somehow, I don’t see much hatred towards billionaires from non-tech industries, but any day you come to the internet, you are almost certain to come across comments like, “Facebook is spying on us”, “Google is spying on us”, “Apple is spying on us”, “Jeff Bezos is Evil”, “Mark Zuckerberg is a Lizard”,” Bill Gates is illuminati”, “Elon Musk is a Man-child” and so on, at first glance, this might come off as mild banter or harmless memes but you would be surprised to find how much of this is internalised in today’s collective conscious.

All these things add up.

By vilifying these figures and corporations, these people may gain short-term victories, but there are harsh consequences, like layoffs, for example, and even worse if these tech companies stop building things because their visions are challenged so harshly at each step. Let us not forget that it was Zuckerberg who helped connect the world like never before, Elon who drove the global shift to electric cars and infrastructure, Bezos who believed cloud computing was the future, Bill Gates who eradicated polio, and Steve Jobs who gave us the smartphone era. Let’s not forget their contributions, and if you’re not grateful, at least don’t vilify them for trying.

May the Internet survive this wave of rising stupidity across the board.

Jordan Peterson is wrong about Equality of Opportunity, here’s why

My main argument against ‘Equality of Opportunity’ would be to simply look at human history, all of humanity started their journey from Ancient Africa in this cruel wide world and now suddenly there’s inequality among people.

Thing about humans is, everyone likes to hate someone beneath them in social hierarchy according to the zeitgeist, everyone, be it an elitist condescending a commoner, noble culture to savages, upper class to less fortunates, White Caucasian to Black Africans, Black people to Asians, minority A to minority B, men to women and so on.

‘Equality of Outcome’ on the other hand raises the question of fairness, in humanity’s search for a just society, equality of outcome questions the entire premise of ethics and morality itself, that is, why would a ‘lesser man’ get the opportunity when there’s plenty of the elites left.

I mean, why give a desk job to a woman when the statistics suggest men are historically more productive?

Why give a senior position to a black man when you know a white caucasian is more likely to seal the deal?

Why give the role of Mary Kom to a northeastern women when you have Priyanka Chopra with stellar track record?

Why worry about accommodating queer people in your workforce when simply denying their existence and continuing with gender binary is more profitable and requires less managerial expenses?

Why would you give a dangerous job to a desperate man when you can get a machine to do that work without all the liabilities of involving humans?

Why bother electing Dilip Ghosh or Anubrata Mondal to power, when they are seen as expendables by their own parties and the people are very much accustomed to see their leaders with brahmin surnames?

Why bother thinking about others when you can in fact think about Yourself?