Einstein DID NOT believe in God

No! Albert Einstein did NOT believe in God

Enough damage has been done already cause people greatly misunderstood Einstein’s stand on god and religion. Einstein did not believe in a personal god or the kind people worship this days. And here comes the great confusion, people come with a quote from one of Einstein’s letter and claim he believed in god.

Einstein’s definition of “God” was different, he saw the vast universe as God, he thought the molecules we’re made of are God, He used the word God to describe Nature.
To him the beautiful nature and the Universe is God, his view on God was purely a poetic metaphor, which religious people tend to overlook while arguing.

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He quoted himself believing in Spinoza’s definition of God. Which is the same thing described above. In his time, Atheism had a different meaning, it was like a hatred toward Religious organizations, many times atheism was considered as Anti-Christ or Satanist or Socialist propaganda. That’s why, many people used to avoid the word atheism back then, Einstein himself have said he is rather Agnostic in a letter. Spinoza although had created a path to modern Atheism. Spinoza’s beliefs were called pantheism

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which was clearly a pioneering thought on Modern Atheism

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