Rhea Chakraborty: latest victim of India’s deep-rooted misogyny

In a conservative paradise ‘Bahu’ takes the blame for every dreadful thing happening to the son’s family.

Starts with this classic Indian overdramatization, where the common mass couldn’t accept a suicide of someone known to have Bipolar disorder, rather the media houses made a godly figure out of him. He is Sushant the Flawless, the Chivalrous, the Pinnacle of Male kind whereas lesser-known facts about his luxurious lifestyle and million-dollar club parties are carefully downplayed as that would’ve portrayed their ‘fabled hero’ in a bad manner.

Now, who would be the Godkiller? Such a charming guy always looks so happy on Instagram, surely he wouldn’t commit suicide, depression is such a western weakness, here in India depression is only good for writing essays on @facebook, nothing less, nothing more. Probably why India is in Top 10 depressed countries of the world. Now, coming back to the point which is, at this point his followers and media houses have successfully Sherlocked the post-truth that he was indeed murdered.

Next, is to ridicule the idea of Suicide to a degree where people begin to say Gandhi did nothing for India’s freedom and whoever says he is the father of the nation is uneducated or less informed and the counter idea that Sushant was murdered becomes a public knowledge sort of thing. Public knowledge can be hideous as people tend to use available public knowledge to base their further theories.

This is important as people have unconditionally accepted this as common knowledge that Sushant was murdered and Rhea was a gold digger who has done it.

Now, why Rhea of all people? Because, it’s easy to blame her, she represents everything a typical conservative population hates. In typical conservative families very often the Bahu gets blamed for taking their Son away, brainwashing their son with ill, controlling their perfect children like a witch. Not to mention, those conservatives subliminally possess a crooked sense of what women should be, how women should behave. Why I’m saying subliminal? Because, there are quite some people who’d be vocal on social media about a progressive society, however, in their mind they have been passively brainwashed from an early age, how a woman should behave in this country and judging by so they have formed their own standards, like cuddling with a fatherly figure becomes unacceptable, women in the industry are mostly fraudsters and ‘charitraheen’ who only use men to climb up the ladder. In almost all such scenarios the common public would easily find it acceptable that the ‘Bahu’ or the ‘Girlfriend’ figure is the culprit.

Considering how people are legally entitled to their opinions, I’m not gonna question their personal opinion, however, I’m going to protest is how the Media houses mainly a certain someone called Goswami, has taken up the responsibility of Witchhunting. For those of you don’t know what witch-hunting means, it was a mediaeval custom where every social or natural disaster was blamed upon a random woman, condemning her as a Witch and then she’d have been sacrificed to god by the trial of fire.
Evidently, this wouldn’t have helped with whatever disaster they were facing however, this was enough to sway the Commoner’s emotion into thinking the state is Just and is taking care of them.

For months now, we have been in this ordeal of a joint economic and health disaster. Rising cases, Job losses, flood, Exam dilemma all are important issues at hand, however, the ‘media’ here is broadcasting hatred of another kind like an eyewash to more important issues at hand. The specific media houses I talked about has a long track record of finding soft targets and inciting hatred, however, until now their target audience was limited to the blind follower category in Political spectrum, the current SSR episode, in contrast, have invited even the most retarded group among them all, the apolitical mob into their target audience.

As mentioned earlier, these whole toxic SSR bhakts have administered a force field to rationality, where they’d not believe any verifiable evidence at all and they’d make anyone’s life a living hell, deny even the basic human rights to people who are just ‘accused’. They need not wait for any court verdict at all, simple escalation in legalities is enough for them to be convinced in their hard coded beliefs. Following which, they went ahead banning lots of films and people from the industry not considering even once how that’d affect so many workers who work under those personalities. The toxicity drives madness on the street, Rhea recently posted a heartbreaking video of how her family is being tortured and harassed by the mob, even if her father is a retd. army officer, his service to the nation was not enough for the mob to restrain themselves from lynching him. Not to mention, these people would celebrate anytime Karan Johar commits suicide.

For me, this entire Sushant Singh Rajput episode feels like a display of India’s hideous Misogyny and expose of those apolitical Bhakts which certainly is a display of Collective conscience too. On a personal level, I’ve been rage-blocked and even Insulted by many fan-girls from this category recently, some of whom I’ve had helped immensely regarding their resumé and job recommendation. Some of them who even went ahead disrespecting me had completely forgotten I had helped them in their needs. The hatred has taken over their better senses, they have become so much invested in this emotionally that rationality has completely left their intuition.