What is Life?

Life is a journey towards the end… Its a flow that proceeds through some kinda outrageous obstacles.
As for now, I’m in a train, heading home.. But who can say I’ll return?
The best I can answer is, ‘I’m coming..’. Not sure enough that I Shall, an uncertainty lies within our hearts. That Uncertainty keeps us all bound together. All the Co-passengers here are willing to reach their destiny as soon as possible.
And that huge amount of +ve energy is called The Society. And those who are waiting for us at the end of our journey, praying for us at end of our sufferings, those who care for us, so that we can reach our niche destinies safely and securely are sometimes called the fruits of Life, that is Love.
I mean to say, There is no life without danger, without uncertainty, without risks..
The fear of losing something, losing someone, the fear of never reaching our destiny make us feel alive.
Ain’t so? #ThinkOfIt

Found in a Soldier’s diary

This is a small poetry, which has been found in a Dead Soldier’s diary. I don’t know much of him, but i found this on facebook and wish to share it.
If I die In a war zone,
Box me up and send me home,
Put my Gun on my chest,
And tell my mom I did my


N Tell My Dad Not To Bow,
He Will Never Get Tension

From Me Now,

Tell My Bro Study
Keys Of My Bike Will Be His


Tell my sis don’t be upset,
Her bro will not rise after
This Sunset,
Don’t Tell My Friends They Are
And start to ask for parties
Tell my Love not to cry
Cause I’m a Solider
Born to Die.
Respect our Soldiers .

The f__kin Secularism in India

>Old-post-alert! the author had written this when 17 years old, the author have grown much more mature now and do not hold the same view as before, that being said its still amazing to revisit this old posts for self analysis<
… .
People can’t be Secular.

Secularism is not a such thing, that could be poured into people’s mind with ease.
But wait, before you start judging me as a racist, I’ve to confess something.
You know Why do people need a Religion?
Its because people need a clear path to follow through his lifeline.
It gives them a steady pace in Life, a Rhythm, an Organised Way out. So that they Don’t have to find it out themselves. People just put themselves in one of the religion and done.
They start to follow the Rules and Regulations, the festivals, the Unity.
Once they get adapted with it, they can’t live without it. Gens after Gens follow the same path, and thus they grow the idea of living in a great society, where only like minded people stays. They Problem comes when they meet some other people from different community. They start judging and comparing the other ways of living.
When You are part of something, and you believe it with all your nuts, then you become possessive about it. Instead of using logic, you start growing up a blind faith.
That everything in your religion is the holiest and others are full of shits.
That everything you do in your religion is the most logical, others are full of misconceptions. Things get worse, when they start thinking it like,.. like,
Who will be the Last Man Standing??

Well, You know why i’m telling all this?
All that I’m trying to say is that,
People who chose different path of living the life, No matters if the two path meets the same end,
But as the Life is Path Integral of Faith,
You can’t force them to live together, You can’t force them to live alike, You can’t force them to be brothers.
The More You Say Secular, the Irony inside the word rings in.
Whenever someone says, He is Secular, an instant though comes to mind that, the man ain’t believe in any of the Religious Controversies.
The simple meaning of this is, The man is not a Pure Hindu, Pure Muslim, Pure Christian or Any other.
The Man isn’t showing respect to the way of life his predecessor used to follow.
The Man thinks himself as well educated, scientific minded.

But this is not true, even Einstein had said that, Science and Religion can’t live without each other.
Science and Religion are the two face of a coin.

Enough Contradiction, now whats the solution?
The solution is,
True Nationalism could only born if all the different people from different communities, be a part of a bigger Community.
The Solution is Replacing the “Secular” word from the Constitution with “INDIAN”..,
Thus, Every people could rear up their own religions, and as they are a Part of a Big One. They’ll start growing up possessiveness for this “INDIAN” -term.
Thus all the Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists will come under a Same Roof.

All the other countries will know them as,
Indian Hindu, Indian Muslims, Indian Christians, Indian Sikhs, Indian Buddhists.

Then and only then it’ll be possible to build a Great Society.

Thank You.

Yuvi’s Dilemma

Its Yuvi, for whom India lost the T20 World cup, though some people are still stuck at calling up his Previous records.
Although those Yorkers were not easy to handle but Yuvi is an International Batsman, Experienced Batsman. He had to practice for that. All of us knew that this Finale is never going to be easy. He had to be prepared for that as its not the first time he faced the Srilankan Bowlers. Dhoni too has some flaws, his ‘Reverse Psychology’ is not always do a favour as in that match. He had to send Raina instead of Yuvi or himself, he himself had wasted many bowls, When inform well settled Virat is Crying.
We The People of India make these Players Great! So we’ve the definite right to analyse and criticise them. And Why some people are accidentally falling in love with Yuvi? who haven’t scored good for a long time. In the tournament Just one day he’d played hardly Satisfactory. yuvraj-singh-latest-photos
Say me, If my father refused to go to office or unaccustomed to do work for the sake of illness then Will they still pay the salary by months to him??? If my father rests one day (after using all of the ‘Sick‘ holidays) then will they give him the Payment without any hesitation??? Its India Man, Be Practical.. In India, there are hefty of NGOs but still there are people – Starving.. One will be remembered by his success! not by his failures…in INDIA.. Its a damn truth.
No one had stood aside Sourav Ganguly when he had been eliminated by showing the official reason as, “He is now unaccustomed, his forms are down for long times“.. No one had cared for Rahul Dravid as well. Remember All men have their share of pains and Sympathising is not the way to Love or Respect..
So, Just don’t give the f__kin Emotional Shit… Men have to be the Fittest to Survive in Natural Selection. Mind it!!!

US Government Shuts Down NASA

Every Space Enthusiasts out there,
there is a Real Bad News awaiting you.

Did you hear it guys that NASA has been shut down entirely by the US Governs..
today, at a press conference,
President Obama told ” NASA will shut down almost entirely, but Mission Control will remain open to support the astronauts serving on the Space Station.” As Congress failed to approve a budget for federal agencies they’ve decided to shutdown NASA.. So as an instant effect, around 97% of NASA’s 18,000 employees are off the job. nasa_shutdown_twitter-crop-original-original
Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social media accounts are going dark. NASA’s website is being pulled offline. NASA Television has also ceased broadcasting. this news is resulting in grievances spreading all over the world.
But some are hoping that soon it’d be retaken. but the MAVEN Mars Mission, which was all set to launch in November 18, has got postponed and delayed by sometime..

Ever Wondered about The Seven Wonders?

As per the survey held during 2000-2007, the most voted and most desirable heritage places of world given the term of fame ‘Wonder of the World’ . 200 places competed each other in the name of Popularity, but amongst them only 7 stood up. Here’s the Seven Names (Provided by UNESCO).

1. Chichen Itza
(Chi’ch’èen Ìitsha’)
Located at Yucatán, Mexico.
Established: 800 AD

2. Christ the Redeemer
(O Cristo Redentor)
Located in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
Established: 1926 AD

3. Great Wall of China
Located in Wànlǐ Chángchéng
Established: 700 BC

4Machu Picchu
(Machu Pikchu)
Located in Cuzco Region, Peru
Established: 1438 AD

5. Petra.
Located in Al-Batrā
Ma’an Governorate, Jordan
Established: 312 BC

6. Taj Mahal (Koodaghar)
(ताज महल)
ﺗﺎﺝ ﻣﺤﻞ
Located in Rohtak , Haryana, India
Established: 1632 AD

7. Colosseum
Located in Rome, Italy
Established: 70 AD

So, you see guys there are so many wonderful and beautiful things in our planet, and its up to us to look after them. Take care of yourself and your properties whether it be your national property or personal.

Save Trees *Actually*

Do you all know that, 80% of the forest that originally covered the earth are now Empty..!
How long before the remaining disappears?
All is not lost yet. Lets Fight this Deforestation.
Well you should know that, in the coming decade (ranging from 2014 to 2024) we’ll have  the last chance to save-protect our Planet Earth from total deforestation & devastation; else we’d lost Everything.
So, don’t wait for anyone to tell you, Lets save this beautiful planet at our own efforts.


Well its good to be informed you that, recently some new kind of data has been obtained from NASA, it says that Global Warming can actually act as a beneficial phenomenon. We all know that many scientists have blamed global warming for more intense recent hurricane seasons and for the more destructive storms that are predicted in years to come, but a new study says climate change could eventually help safeguard the U.S. Atlantic
Coast from hurricanes. Ain’t it a hilarious news??

The Syria Manifesto

My friends you all know that, Syria has been badly affected by its own government..
Over 1300 innocent people (mostly children & women) have passed away..
A very poisonous gas Sarin or Zarin (a fluorine contained gas) also named GB, take them to the brutal death.. This gas is very much poisonous and very much soluble, can very easily adsorbed by common shirt or woollen dresses.. In the term of its toxicity, let me give you an apparent idea,sarin
It says that, “Sarin is over 500 times more poisonous than Cyanide”.
Okay..Now the question is what is going on?? What’s happening all this??
Do we forget us??, the Mankind??! Do the generosity have long pass us??
If nope, then We have to do something. Something Very Urgent.cadaveres-ninos-ataque-quimico-ayer-1377125565104
To Save Humanity .

The Secret of the Secrets

Well it does say that earth has still hundreds of secrets hidden from us.. And most of the results in YouTube or Google are fake at sense.. But still some of them are considerably true.. We’ve wondered many times for the ‘Area 51‘.
130816195720-erin-simon-area-51-is-real-00010325-story-topEnormous rumours about the place had been heard.. But recently US Govern have declared that its just a Secret Military Weapons & defence systems Research Centre.. Its not a host for intergalactic communication.. But the question is, “is it true?”.. as for US Government, they ne’er unveil their secrets.. And we’d seen that, when these secrets come out it often come with a bundle of Danger..(as The Fat man incident).. Could it be true that we are all unaware of whats actually happening on this galaxy? Is it possible that humans have been connected to an either planet for a long time..and its kept a secret so that we to live properly and tension free. norm-495ba9a97f856-men-in-black-19971
Movies like The Men In Black could be highly possible actually. Even we think that we’ve signed in on Nasa’s website, it’ll keep us up to date about its missions but it’d be same amount of true that some secret missions holding there without notifying us.. Actually there are thousands of people who’ve seen UFOs and Flying Soccer, all of them are not lying, they just told what they’ve seen, and its up to us to believe. If this type of news held for a longer time then it could freak out our life, so the Authorities always close these matters without going to deep.. Think of it.. Modern scientists have told that the ‘Bermuda Triangle‘ (one of the greatest mystery of earth) is just caused by strong intensity of electromagnetic field at there..bermuda-triangle-hd-wallpaper
But this theory is still unable to explain many of the phenomenons happened there.. But some why scientists of now are just ignoring this topic and don’t want to get in the deep of this topic, as its been discovered and nothing to explore more. But this is not true, this topic have always gone past a ‘Something fishy topic for years and so now..
It could be possible that there was no such hilarious thing as we imagine but at least we can tell that there is something that is Undefined.. And we’ve seen by far that scientists have always ignored the Undefined term..
Maybe that’d be a reason for scientists to forget this topic, and as this government always forbade this type of expeditions, so they don’t dare to get into the deepest and reveal it from the root..
And there could be alternate possibility; that they’ve actually discovered the mystery but its too unexpected to tell general people..
Well whatever or however is this,amazing_google_images-3
I’m just telling you to free yourself from boundaries, as the universe ends on infinite, so there could be infinite possibilities on a single topic, so don’t keep your knowledge limited upon what you’ve been taught by the authorities,.. Fly free.. Analyse the theories with your own logic and then Believe.