Why Supreme Court Struck down Section 497 Adultery law?

Supreme court has struck down another archaic law on 27th September that is IPC Section 497 the Adultery law. The 158 years old law stated a woman has absolutely no say in the case of adultery, she can not even be punished for adultery, she is just a commodity, she has no say in it. Such medieval mentality is because of the time when this law was created 158 years ago, women were seen as properties of their husbands.
So if your wife involves in adultery with a person then that person will be punished. A typical case of Adultery means a conflict between Two Men about the Ownership of a property called ‘Woman. Furthermore, the law states, A Man can not involve himself in a relationship with another Man’s wife.

This again emphasizes the fact women were treated as properties of men and also there is another important thing be noted here, Read attentively the line where it says, a Man can not be in relationship with another man’s wife, that means a Man actually Can involve in relationship with other unmarried women, and there will be no legal issues.
This is the reason why so many marital rapes happen in the subcontinent and in most marriages in typical orthodox families, the woman has to suffer a lot of ordeals of what one being ‘not-being-loved’, with this kind of archaic laws active and where marriage is rather treated as a service agreement with non-negotiable terms for lifetime, people of this subcontinent often forget Marriage is based on mutual understanding and above all Love.

Now that this medieval law is withdrawn, this is one step forward towards a better and more mature society. In a good society, Marriage should be meant after Love only. In a healthy society think of marriage as an act of officially committing or publicly acknowledging being in a relationship with someone. But in reality the Indian marriages are often like a formal contract that you sign for Life, like owning a slave in medieval ages. So now, if a married man or woman stops loving his wife or husband at some point or if he or she fell in Love with someone else or in a typical conservative Indian marriage where She is never Loved by her husband, but she finds someone who loves her, in these cases the marriage should be considered as Failed marriage and that the official relationship is to be considered as already over.

Up until now what was happening here is that the husband files a case against the other man and that other man by law is declared a Criminal, and in all this the wife has no say except she could face severe Mal-treatment from her Sasural. The remedy Supreme Court suggested is, when an incident of adultery takes place then instead of putting a case on that other Man and tagging him as Criminal the married couple should just divorce and move on with their new life. Cause when you do not even love your officially acknowledged wife or husband anymore then that relationship is but just a contract only, and the Other Man or the Other Woman should not be tagged as Criminal for loving someone with conscience. The statement “adultery is legal” is not appropriate, it can mean many things, but what Supreme Court emphasized is on Decriminalizing adultery meaning, loving someone outside of marriage can be anything but isn’t an act of Crime by any means, and so the parties involved are not to be referred as Criminals.

One should remember adult relationships are conscientious, when it is conscientious from both sides then it isn’t rape or any crime like that. An adult man or woman is no one’s property thus none can forbid them from loving anyone. Now the question of morality comes whether you should do it or not, now decriminalizing adultery doesn’t mean its mandatory, if someone truly loves his or her life partner then there’s no logic in involving in extra marital affairs. The law simply means this Conscientious act of Love is not to be considered as a crime, this may very well mean the official marriage is over but this is no act of Crime.

Actually in a way this will enforce the responsibilities of a relationship, cause in southern Asia in Indian subcontinent specially marriage is a bond often taken for granted. Marriage here is like owning someone for life, the husbands here more often than not usually don’t care much about their wives after marriage, treat them as luxury commodity. Now that this law is changed, the men and women of the subcontinent finally will have to understand, that they need to put actual effort in Maintaining the relationship from both sides and have to take care of each other’s problems and needs.

Now there are several divorce laws and relationship laws some of them are even based on Mīmāṃsā, Manusmiti, Muslim laws, some of them makes the man liable to pay for his divorced wife’s living. Many women exploit that but now that the case of adultery is struck down, now in a case of a woman who is leaving a man for another man I think new laws will be made and the Man can defend himself financially.

I think this is a liberal step, western countries long have this liberty. Loving someone other than your wife or husband is not a crime but what that means is that the current marriage is over. We are likely to witness an increase in divorce rates but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the society, faulty marriages will be over. Divorces will be like breakups and marriages be like commitments and that is how it should be.


Einstein DID NOT believe in God

No! Albert Einstein did NOT believe in God

Enough damage has been done already cause people greatly misunderstood Einstein’s stand on god and religion. Einstein did not believe in a personal god or the kind people worship this days. And here comes the great confusion, people come with a quote from one of Einstein’s letter and claim he believed in god.

Einstein’s definition of “God” was different, he saw the vast universe as God, he thought the molecules we’re made of are God, He used the word God to describe Nature.
To him the beautiful nature and the Universe is God, his view on God was purely a poetic metaphor, which religious people tend to overlook while arguing.

Image may contain: textNo automatic alt text available.

He quoted himself believing in Spinoza’s definition of God. Which is the same thing described above. In his time, Atheism had a different meaning, it was like a hatred toward Religious organizations, many times atheism was considered as Anti-Christ or Satanist or Socialist propaganda. That’s why, many people used to avoid the word atheism back then, Einstein himself have said he is rather Agnostic in a letter. Spinoza although had created a path to modern Atheism. Spinoza’s beliefs were called pantheism

Image may contain: text

which was clearly a pioneering thought on Modern Atheism

1. Letter to Eric Gutkind (partial) Albert Einstein (1954)
2. Letter to H.Raner on September 28,1949 Einstein

1. https://phys.org/…/2015-06-einstein-personal-letters-auctio…
(this further lights on why he wanted to be called an Agnostic rather than an Atheist)
2. https://en.wikipedia.org/…/Religious_and_philosophical_view…
3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinozism
4. https://www.richarddawkins.net/…/albert-einsteins-historic-…

Mosquito classifier | Tensorflow

Researcher can use this classifier to automatically distinguish a particular type of mosquito from a large dataset



  1. Clone the project or download here

    git clone https://github.com/ultimatepritam/mosquito_classifier.git

  2. Start the docker image

    docker run -it -v ~/mosquito_classifier/:/mosquito_classifier/ gcr.io/tensorflow/tensorflow:latest-devel

  3. Run the mosq script to label the image

    python /mosquito_classifier/mosq.py <path_to_file>



Cyber Attack: Wannacry 2.0 and Prevention

So thats pretty much what this ransomware is, it exploits a vulnerablility within Windows system and eventually encrypts all your files and data making your
computer completely unusuable, then it demands a handsome amount of ransom
to Decrypt your files and make your Computer usable again.

Over 2 million systems all over the world are already affected by it and of which
5% from India only.

The Indian government is trying every bit to prevent this attack. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has organized a live session this morning
for awareness and prevention of this virus, they even mass mailed Indian citizens

Screenshot (811).png

This is the first question that comes to mind right now, so here is how you can do that:

Windows update MS17-010
The virus uses EternalBlue exploit, which is closed by Microsoft security update MS17-010 released in March. I recommend that you check update center for presence of such an update (by code) on your computer (for example, code for Windows 7 will be KB4012212 or KB4012215).

If updates are not installed, you can download them from official Microsoft website:


For older systems (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 R2), Microsoft released special patches:


Close ports 135 and 445
To prevent penetration, block the ports 135 and 445 through which the virus penetrates (in most cases they are not used by ordinary users).

To do this, open the console with administrator rights (cmd.exe -> run as administrator). And execute in turn two commands (after each command there should be status OK).

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule dir=in action=block protocol=TCP localport=135 name="Block_TCP-135"

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule dir=in action=block protocol=TCP localport=445 name="Block_TCP-445"

Disabling SMBv1 support
The vulnerability can also be closed by completely disabling SMBv1 support. Run this command in cmd (run as administrator).

dism /online /norestart /disable-feature /featurename:SMB1Protocol

Smart stay
Apart from these technical methods I’ll additionally recommend you to Search Safe,
Surf Safe, that is for this time being don’t even browse or download from Untrusted
Websites, torrents etc. And if possible then avoid using Windows for this time being.
Dual boot a free Linux distro and you don’t have to worry about these.
Please do not open any email which has attachments with tasksche.exe
Or rather don’t download any email attachments for the time being.


Well, thats definitely a bad news for sure but you have to take some important measures
If you find yourself infected then Do these without wasting time:

Immediately isolate the system from Network

Run cleanup tools and clean your computer of the virus, Download here 

Preserve the data even if its encrypted
So before cleaning up you might want to backup all your data in an external hdd,
Cause maybe in some days a Cure for this will be discovered and then you will be able to recover your data

If you are from India then Report the incident to CERT-In and local law enforcement agency

Send the Report to incident@cert-in.org.in


Ransomware is writing itself into a random character folder in the ‘ProgramData‘ folder with the file name of “tasksche.exe” or in ‘C:\Windows\‘ folder with the file-name “mssecsvc.exe” and “tasksche.exe“.

Ransomware is granting full access to all files by using the command:
Icacls . /grant Everyone:F /T /C /Q

Using a batch script for operations:

use endpoint protection/antivirus solutions to detect these files and remove the same

Hashes for Wannacry:


Network Connections
The malware use TOR hidden services for command and control. The list of .onion domains inside is as following:

  • gx7ekbenv2riucmf.onion
  • 57g7spgrzlojinas.onion
  • Xxlvbrloxvriy2c5.onion
  • 76jdd2ir2embyv47.onion
  • cwwnhwhlz52maqm7.onion
  • sqjolphimrr7jqw6.onion



#FIX Ubuntu: Realtek 8723BE Weak WiFi

So, I bought my new Laptop on November 2015,  two months after my old Lenovo Z510 was stolen. And this is a hp pavillion with i5 6200U ULV Processor. Well, I couldn’t tell how much frustrating it was to downgrade from Ravaging quadcore i7 to an i5 that has only 2 cores. However, it couldnt be helped and I gotta improvise now.

Now, this laptop came with preinstalled Windows 10 but I am pretty much a Linux guy,
you see. So I needed to get any Linux distro running on my system asap.
I chose Ubuntu over any other Linux distro (2nd fav Fedora 😀 ), cause I’m very much fond of it.

I dual booted my laptop with Win10 and Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS. It was running on top of latest Linux kernel 3.8.11 , after successfully installing Ubuntu I noticed someting,
I found that my WiFi signal is weak.

Screenshot from 2016-08-11 16-23-14.png

I was completely Stunned at this cause I was just sitting next to my router and my WiFI signal is just two bars only. Not only that it was getting disconnected often due to poor signal. I thought my WiFi driver is not updated so I quickly updated them using following commands:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hanipouspilot/rtlwifi
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install rtlwifi-new-dkms linux-firmware

But it Didn’t work . It was a frustrating experience and no solutions could be found.
I thought then this might be a hardware issue so, I booted back to Windows and there
it was all acting normally . I was clueless . I searched in Ubuntu Forums but did found no suitable solution to this problem.

I reinstalled Ubuntu with a version upgrade 15.04
But the problem remained at it was. I thought this maybe some bug in Ubuntu, So
I decided to give it a try with other distros, so one by one Solus, Fedora 23, RedHat, Mint
I installed all these but got the same WEAK wifi signal in not only Ubuntu but in every Linux Distros.

I understood that the bug is in the Linux Kernel itself. So i tried to upgrade the Kernel  to latest mainline version . Even after upgrading the kernel the problem remained.

Months have passed during al these . And there was still no solution to this problem.
I subscribed to every forum concerning this problem. One day, I found something on
a forum about my wifi driver RTL8723BE . A folk named Jerry Gorland wrote some
intereseting things about this problem .

“…for my particular case (HP Stream 11-r010 Cloudbook with N3050 Celeron and HP Model No. 792204-001 30x22mm M.2 Wi-Fi card): Moving the single antenna cable from one connector to the other (as shown in the attached diagram) solved the problem. This would explain why the laptop worked only when sitting right next to the Wi-Fi router: With Linux the card is configured to use the other connector compared to Windows. Now I am two floors up from my router and connected well with Xubuntu 14.04. With Xubuntu, all the hotkeys work…”

In his case the problem seem to have solved after he moved the single antenna cable to the other connector. If you gut-open your laptop then you would probably found something like this. This is the Wireless chip (wlan) inside our laptops and as you could see in the top-left corner of the picture there are two connectors there. By default the cable is connected to port 1 . But in this case as Jerry suggested we have to change it to port 2 .


Well, Jerry’s solution was risky but it was effective. People around the world were saying this is working. But too bad for me is my Laptop is still in warranty period I couldn’t just
gut-open my laptop and operate on it. I had to think of some other solution.

So, I researched a lot and learned that this may be a problem with the Driver Configuration in modprobe . Because the configuration was set up wrongly so the modules weren’t correctly loading into the OS Kernel . I reported this to Realtek  but they didn’t seem to take any notice of it. But, the good thing about Opensource community is here people help each other.

Screenshot from 2016-08-27 02-49-04.png
A FOSS developer named Larry Finger (aka lwfinger) decided to take things into own hands. And he created a new repository and rebuilted the drivers for rtl8192ce, rtl8192se, rtl8192de, rtl8188ee, rtl8192ee, rtl8723ae, rtl8723be, and rtl8821ae.

Now it was all good to go, downloaded the zip and then used simple make command to install it .

$ make
$ sudo make install

Now the problem should have been solved by now but somehow it remained . So, we figured it out that this still have the issue with the Antenna part . The hardware fixing part
was seemed impossible to avoid now. We did a last try using this command

$ sudo modprobe -rv rtl8723be
$ sudo modprobe -v rtl8723be ant_sel=2

It was an wild attempt to somehow manipulate the kernel to treat the 2nd antenna as active . And Guess what ?


Quite miraculuosly! Did a quick scan around the networks . And it showed all networks with expected signal strength. But the setting wasn’t permanent after a reboot it’ll change back to default .

$ sudo iw dev wlp2s0 scan

But that is easy to handle . One just need to modify the modprobe configuration under root priviledge and save it as permanent.

$ sudo echo "options rtl8723be ant_sel=2" > /etc/modprobe.d/50-rtl8723be.conf

Signal strength is Excellent now! The Problem which consisted for so long a time period has now been solved. Finally : )
Screenshot from 2016-08-31 22-35-58.png

Life is all good now .

Humanity is Lost

Well, today I was travelling in train and as you probably know in India many hawkers and beggars could be seen in your train journey as free or improvised entertainment services, and sometimes the hawkers do actually come in handy but the Beggars Never .

Today, I encountered such dramatic experience that I think has had gone too far. I was sitting (not quite sitting you know the word ‘Improvise’ ) in general compartment.

When at Bolpur (Santiniketan) Station some kids got in. One girl probably 7 years old holding an infant child in one hand and some musical pebbles at other with the company of her another brother who is no more than 5 years in this planet.

They started their act (or not) as such, the infant child was crying helplessly, I looked into its eyes, it was heart-breaking sadness, and his elder sister was consoling him saying things like “Don’t cry baby, mamma is just there you see.. Don’t cry mamma is there..” (and pointing fingers accordingly ) with no absolute sign of their Mamma or Whomsoever she is.

The passengers can easily understand that who ever their Mother is, Is Either Dead or worse happened to her. And that leaves these kids totally insecure.

The act started growling, the young brother brought a toy with him. A fluffy rubbery plastic bird shaped toy with a hit sensor-ed dancing light mechanism in it.

He was hitting that toy on passenger seats and the light was twinkling and that made that infant child smile for a while. Then he put the head of that toy inside his mouth, chewing on it.

The sister took the toy from his brother and gave it to the infant and he also put it in his mouth the head of the bird was working like a nipple.

All this going on and the sister was repeatedly saying “mamma is there..mamma is here..” The brother was holding an empty stainless steel glass at other hand often biting and stretching the edges with hands and was giving creepy smiles frequently.

I was watching or rather observing this with rapt attention with both my hands resting on my lap. When Suddenly, the boy held the glass in front of me, actually touching my hands with it.

It was the time when you put some coins in that glass overwhelmed by emotions thinking about those unfortunate kids and how they’ll survive this cruel world!

I looked into his eyes and said No, I could’ve given them one rupee or two but that would have been gone in vain. Because Whosoever has sent them into this business actually wants this to happen.

The child started crying again, and nothing could stop it. I asked the sister to take him home . She didn’t answer.

They don’t even know counting to hundred, yet they were collecting money trading on human emotions risking their lives, their future, everything .

They  can get mid-day meal in any government primary school, if they are orphan then enormous clubs are there in Bolpur who would happily help them.

At the age when you are supposed to play childish games with friends, some people have thrown them in the gutter of the society. And instead learning counting to hundred they learned even more mature element of life – Lying .

Some people gave them some coins and they went to the next section repeating the same act recursively .

The image is only for representation purpose and of not the ones mentioned in here.

That newborn came to our world only months ago, and just how did we Welcome him!??

Windows 10 and|vs Android Lollipop True Performance Test

Okay, Here’s a statistical experiment,

Every Computer is basically a Calculator.
And do you know how to push a calculator to its limit?

The FACTORIAL function. Obviously, there are some other methods but it is the easiest one indeed.
So, I compared the new Operating Systems like,
WINDOWS 10 and Android Lollipop with Python 3.4.3 IDLE.
Firstly I checked the Famous 65! (Ya! the limit of most of the
CASIO Calculators).Then eventually I increased the value and while in,
Lollipop just gave up already!
Windows 10 and Python IDLE were pretty good actually,
They just kept going. I have to admit this Windows 10 is better in terms of performance than the previous versions of Windows.
But at last in,
Windows 10 gave up too.
Lollipop had just shown upto 6 decimal numbers then it summoned
the exponential function to save his ass. Windows 10 had proudly
shown upto 30 decimal numbers and then did the same.
But, on the other side Python didn’t stop at all.
As I expected.screenshot2b25285532529Operating Systems are the greatest abstractions made by the developers. Developers focus on the User Interface of an OS to make it as friendly as possible but that compromises some serious computing performance. So, as the Python IDLE actually work at hardware level, it gets to use the Quad CORE i7 Processor at its full potential. Wonder how much it scored?

Actually Python is not an abstraction, It basically shows how much
my Processor is capable of. But still for the stat lovers,
I have tested fact(1000000)
Yes! ONE MILLION . and moreover I got the result as it is, without any kinda exponential drag. See the numbers and the scroll bar in the picture. So, you guys now might have an idea of how much potential and power your Processors houses, and how less you get to use actually, because of these abstractions!!
We have to make more efficient codes in the future, till then use CLI instead of GUI for greater and richer Computation, if you already know it teach other people. Do not rely much on GUI based Operating Systems.

Modern India -A Brainless Brat

Has this just become our nature not to appreciate any Gurus or Babas ?
Or to judge everyone without knowing even if they have struggled all the way in.
Not all of them are cocksuckers you know.
Whenever The Media shows someone in the NEWS, we instantly Judge them as Frauds without thinking twice. If someone has raised the hopes of lot of the people, if so many people have found something to believe into, then he must have achieved something which so many others just failed to.
No one has faith in Laws, almost every-second-person lacks even the most trivial knowledge of how the Police works and the Society runs.
But, ask them the New Bollywood Trend, you bet they know it as their life depends on it.
And all the credit for this current scenario goes to the Media (eg: India Today, Aaj Tak) , who posts Shit intentionally with or without knowing the consequences.
But the situation raised some questions in my mind,

*Whats wrong with my Country?
*Where are the warm bloods, who can take DECISIONS on their OWN?

*Where are the MEN who can Actually do something other than FORWARDING  a Independence Day message to 5 WhatsApp Groups?.

*All these Selfie-Loving Media-holic TREND Stalker Spineless Creatures You Don’t deserve to call yourselves “Citizens of India”,
You don’t deserve to vote for your rights. Too much freedom has been given to you and you’re not even Worthy of it.

*Now, Who the hell am I to judge you all?
I am Pritam Mondal And atleast,
I Have My Own Personal Opinion and Conceptions. I  AM  CONSCIOUS.

Majority of the people lacks a Clear Mindset,
They just love to go with the flow without thinking of any other possibilities. And all the TV serials and Media and Movies are trying consistently to break their morals, wash their brains and use them as bots.
Years ago I’ve witnessed People had thrown curses to Anna Hazare without knowing or I should say understanding his motives,
People had judged Baba Ramdev, Sairam,
Not so old, Arvind Kejriwal.
Education is a different thing but It really hurts to see that the average IQ of this country is just around 80.
#GrowUpIndians #BePositive #SudharJaoMediaWaale #RadheMaa

What is Life?

Life is a journey towards the end… Its a flow that proceeds through some kinda outrageous obstacles.
As for now, I’m in a train, heading home.. But who can say I’ll return?
The best I can answer is, ‘I’m coming..’. Not sure enough that I Shall, an uncertainty lies within our hearts. That Uncertainty keeps us all bound together. All the Co-passengers here are willing to reach their destiny as soon as possible.
And that huge amount of +ve energy is called The Society. And those who are waiting for us at the end of our journey, praying for us at end of our sufferings, those who care for us, so that we can reach our niche destinies safely and securely are sometimes called the fruits of Life, that is Love.
I mean to say, There is no life without danger, without uncertainty, without risks..
The fear of losing something, losing someone, the fear of never reaching our destiny make us feel alive.
Ain’t so? #ThinkOfIt