Save Trees *Actually*

Do you all know that, 80% of the forest that originally covered the earth are now Empty..!
How long before the remaining disappears?
All is not lost yet. Lets Fight this Deforestation.
Well you should know that, in the coming decade (ranging from 2014 to 2024) we’ll have  the last chance to save-protect our Planet Earth from total deforestation & devastation; else we’d lost Everything.
So, don’t wait for anyone to tell you, Lets save this beautiful planet at our own efforts.


Well its good to be informed you that, recently some new kind of data has been obtained from NASA, it says that Global Warming can actually act as a beneficial phenomenon. We all know that many scientists have blamed global warming for more intense recent hurricane seasons and for the more destructive storms that are predicted in years to come, but a new study says climate change could eventually help safeguard the U.S. Atlantic
Coast from hurricanes. Ain’t it a hilarious news??

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