The Syria Manifesto

My friends you all know that, Syria has been badly affected by its own government..
Over 1300 innocent people (mostly children & women) have passed away..
A very poisonous gas Sarin or Zarin (a fluorine contained gas) also named GB, take them to the brutal death.. This gas is very much poisonous and very much soluble, can very easily adsorbed by common shirt or woollen dresses.. In the term of its toxicity, let me give you an apparent idea,sarin
It says that, “Sarin is over 500 times more poisonous than Cyanide”.
Okay..Now the question is what is going on?? What’s happening all this??
Do we forget us??, the Mankind??! Do the generosity have long pass us??
If nope, then We have to do something. Something Very Urgent.cadaveres-ninos-ataque-quimico-ayer-1377125565104
To Save Humanity .

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