The f__kin Secularism in India

>Old-post-alert! the author had written this when 17 years old, the author have grown much more mature now and do not hold the same view as before, that being said its still amazing to revisit this old posts for self analysis<
… .
People can’t be Secular.

Secularism is not a such thing, that could be poured into people’s mind with ease.
But wait, before you start judging me as a racist, I’ve to confess something.
You know Why do people need a Religion?
Its because people need a clear path to follow through his lifeline.
It gives them a steady pace in Life, a Rhythm, an Organised Way out. So that they Don’t have to find it out themselves. People just put themselves in one of the religion and done.
They start to follow the Rules and Regulations, the festivals, the Unity.
Once they get adapted with it, they can’t live without it. Gens after Gens follow the same path, and thus they grow the idea of living in a great society, where only like minded people stays. They Problem comes when they meet some other people from different community. They start judging and comparing the other ways of living.
When You are part of something, and you believe it with all your nuts, then you become possessive about it. Instead of using logic, you start growing up a blind faith.
That everything in your religion is the holiest and others are full of shits.
That everything you do in your religion is the most logical, others are full of misconceptions. Things get worse, when they start thinking it like,.. like,
Who will be the Last Man Standing??

Well, You know why i’m telling all this?
All that I’m trying to say is that,
People who chose different path of living the life, No matters if the two path meets the same end,
But as the Life is Path Integral of Faith,
You can’t force them to live together, You can’t force them to live alike, You can’t force them to be brothers.
The More You Say Secular, the Irony inside the word rings in.
Whenever someone says, He is Secular, an instant though comes to mind that, the man ain’t believe in any of the Religious Controversies.
The simple meaning of this is, The man is not a Pure Hindu, Pure Muslim, Pure Christian or Any other.
The Man isn’t showing respect to the way of life his predecessor used to follow.
The Man thinks himself as well educated, scientific minded.

But this is not true, even Einstein had said that, Science and Religion can’t live without each other.
Science and Religion are the two face of a coin.

Enough Contradiction, now whats the solution?
The solution is,
True Nationalism could only born if all the different people from different communities, be a part of a bigger Community.
The Solution is Replacing the “Secular” word from the Constitution with “INDIAN”..,
Thus, Every people could rear up their own religions, and as they are a Part of a Big One. They’ll start growing up possessiveness for this “INDIAN” -term.
Thus all the Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists will come under a Same Roof.

All the other countries will know them as,
Indian Hindu, Indian Muslims, Indian Christians, Indian Sikhs, Indian Buddhists.

Then and only then it’ll be possible to build a Great Society.

Thank You.

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