Yuvi’s Dilemma

Its Yuvi, for whom India lost the T20 World cup, though some people are still stuck at calling up his Previous records.
Although those Yorkers were not easy to handle but Yuvi is an International Batsman, Experienced Batsman. He had to practice for that. All of us knew that this Finale is never going to be easy. He had to be prepared for that as its not the first time he faced the Srilankan Bowlers. Dhoni too has some flaws, his ‘Reverse Psychology’ is not always do a favour as in that match. He had to send Raina instead of Yuvi or himself, he himself had wasted many bowls, When inform well settled Virat is Crying.
We The People of India make these Players Great! So we’ve the definite right to analyse and criticise them. And Why some people are accidentally falling in love with Yuvi? who haven’t scored good for a long time. In the tournament Just one day he’d played hardly Satisfactory. yuvraj-singh-latest-photos
Say me, If my father refused to go to office or unaccustomed to do work for the sake of illness then Will they still pay the salary by months to him??? If my father rests one day (after using all of the ‘Sick‘ holidays) then will they give him the Payment without any hesitation??? Its India Man, Be Practical.. In India, there are hefty of NGOs but still there are people – Starving.. One will be remembered by his success! not by his failures…in INDIA.. Its a damn truth.
No one had stood aside Sourav Ganguly when he had been eliminated by showing the official reason as, “He is now unaccustomed, his forms are down for long times“.. No one had cared for Rahul Dravid as well. Remember All men have their share of pains and Sympathising is not the way to Love or Respect..
So, Just don’t give the f__kin Emotional Shit… Men have to be the Fittest to Survive in Natural Selection. Mind it!!!

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