What is Life?

Life is a journey towards the end… Its a flow that proceeds through some kinda outrageous obstacles.
As for now, I’m in a train, heading home.. But who can say I’ll return?
The best I can answer is, ‘I’m coming..’. Not sure enough that I Shall, an uncertainty lies within our hearts. That Uncertainty keeps us all bound together. All the Co-passengers here are willing to reach their destiny as soon as possible.
And that huge amount of +ve energy is called The Society. And those who are waiting for us at the end of our journey, praying for us at end of our sufferings, those who care for us, so that we can reach our niche destinies safely and securely are sometimes called the fruits of Life, that is Love.
I mean to say, There is no life without danger, without uncertainty, without risks..
The fear of losing something, losing someone, the fear of never reaching our destiny make us feel alive.
Ain’t so? #ThinkOfIt

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