Modern India -A Brainless Brat

Has this just become our nature not to appreciate any Gurus or Babas ?
Or to judge everyone without knowing even if they have struggled all the way in.
Not all of them are cocksuckers you know.
Whenever The Media shows someone in the NEWS, we instantly Judge them as Frauds without thinking twice. If someone has raised the hopes of lot of the people, if so many people have found something to believe into, then he must have achieved something which so many others just failed to.
No one has faith in Laws, almost every-second-person lacks even the most trivial knowledge of how the Police works and the Society runs.
But, ask them the New Bollywood Trend, you bet they know it as their life depends on it.
And all the credit for this current scenario goes to the Media (eg: India Today, Aaj Tak) , who posts Shit intentionally with or without knowing the consequences.
But the situation raised some questions in my mind,

*Whats wrong with my Country?
*Where are the warm bloods, who can take DECISIONS on their OWN?

*Where are the MEN who can Actually do something other than FORWARDING  a Independence Day message to 5 WhatsApp Groups?.

*All these Selfie-Loving Media-holic TREND Stalker Spineless Creatures You Don’t deserve to call yourselves “Citizens of India”,
You don’t deserve to vote for your rights. Too much freedom has been given to you and you’re not even Worthy of it.

*Now, Who the hell am I to judge you all?
I am Pritam Mondal And atleast,
I Have My Own Personal Opinion and Conceptions. I  AM  CONSCIOUS.

Majority of the people lacks a Clear Mindset,
They just love to go with the flow without thinking of any other possibilities. And all the TV serials and Media and Movies are trying consistently to break their morals, wash their brains and use them as bots.
Years ago I’ve witnessed People had thrown curses to Anna Hazare without knowing or I should say understanding his motives,
People had judged Baba Ramdev, Sairam,
Not so old, Arvind Kejriwal.
Education is a different thing but It really hurts to see that the average IQ of this country is just around 80.
#GrowUpIndians #BePositive #SudharJaoMediaWaale #RadheMaa

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